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Pars Basket industrial production group in 2018, relying on international and local knowledge and using experienced technical staff, in the field of lifting people by various types of tower cranes, cranes and forklifts in the field of production of standard people carrying baskets and dock platforms, relying on God’s grace It was established to provide services to private, semi-private and all public sectors. This company has designed and implemented its products and services with very special and unique facilities and has cooperated with more than dozens of reputable companies in the field of people lifting and dock platforms.

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As the first and only producer of all kinds of baskets, Pars Basket Company has more than 20 agencies in Iran and with the trust of its customers, it has been able to obtain all ISO quality certificates. As the only producer in this profession, Pars Basket is ready to serve you dear ones

factory address . km 3 of Imam Reza highway, Seman three-way, Imam Reza Aqeeq city, No. 39

The address of the factory is 2 Damavand Street, Ittihad Industrial Zone, No. 25, 5th Shidai Street

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